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  • Host Disconnected problem

    I'm not sure if anyone can answer our problem I'm more of just looking for suggestions on where to start looking for the source. We have Esxi 5.5 running on 8 hosts about 60 Guests servers. Last week on Vcenter host 7 showed disconnected. Some of the VMs on it responded some did not. We couldn't Vmotion anything off in that state.
    We hard booted it and it came back up we moved everything but one VM off and have sort of left it. We sent some logs to VMware but all they were able to come up with is something about disconnections from storage but nothing specific.

    Today we started having the problem first with host 5, then 20 min later host 4, then 2 then 8. We hard booted 4 and it took a while longer then normal then came up. Our host 1 never did show disconnected but it wasn't letting us do anything on it so with nothing to lose I powered off host 1 and as soon as host 1 powered off. The rest came back online that very second.

    Each host has its own local storage the ESXI OS is on. The Guests are on 2 separate SANs. I can't find a commonality to explain this. I've got Host 1 powered back on but removed from the cluster and everything is still working. Does ESXI have some sort of internal Vswitch that can cause some sort of VM routing loop or something similar. I can't seem to find an explanation for 1 host causing problems on others. Any thoughts on where I can start to find the cause of this type of problem?

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    Re: Host Disconnected problem

    Check the common points amongst your infrastructure.

    If it is affecting different hosts then i would hazard a guess that they ar fine so its something in between the host and the storage platform. Cables, switches, etc.