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Setup 2 way DC virtual and physical

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  • Setup 2 way DC virtual and physical

    Hello all, I hope i placed this question in the correct forums, if not admins please feel free to move it.

    I am working on a project of tasking my physical DC and creating a backup DC at a remote cloud hosting provider (terramark).
    i have setup multiple in-house DC's with two way replication and it should be similar with this current project, but i am not finding much information on how to actually set this up.

    Can anyone provide some insight and or documents on how to perform this task?

    The current in-house DC is a win 2k8 r2 and the cloud server will be the same setup. I understand about the time synch between both dc's too.


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    Re: Setup 2 way DC virtual and physical


    first i had to remove AD services from the new VM and install DNS first(i know shouldn't have too,but it wouldn't perform the action if i didn't) then setup the dns, and the AD services and then perform the steps below.
    I had to do a bunch of work to get this to perform the two way trust and communication.
    First i had to set the local loop-back address so it sees itself as the DNS server and then the IP of my primary server at my corp. HQ, then add the c name on the dns server at HQ, and add the host record on the VM of my HQ DNS server on the virtual AD server.
    then setup the zone transfer only to the selected server i needed, once that was done then add in the name server on the HQ DNS server
    on the VM server i had to setup the opposite of what i did above, the forwarder to the DNS server at HQ, setup the host file to the IP and host name of the DNS server at HQ

    took a bit to get it to work, but its done.