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Change connection from one vSwitch to another

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  • Change connection from one vSwitch to another

    This issue appeared easy at first glance but I have no idea how to do it after hours of fiddling.

    We have three NIC's active on our VM server 0, 1, & 2.

    0 is set to our Guest VLAN connected to vmnic0
    1 is set to our Corporate VLAN connected to vmnic1
    2 is for VM Management connected to vmnic2 (Working fine)

    I have a virtual sever with a need to access both the Guest and Corp VLAN so I set them up with two separate vNIC's, one set to Corp and the other set to Guest but both appear connected to the Corp vSwitch1.

    (See the picture) How do I move the Guest LAN VM Network to vSwitch0?
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    Re: Change connection from one vSwitch to another

    Frustrated, I disconnected all of the vNIC's from the VM and deleted all of the vSwitches. Luckily, this was the only VM on the host so it didn't affect anything else.

    I re-did the Port Group Configuration for each, dedicating each on it's own physical NIC. I then reconnected the vNIC's to the VM and restarted the VM. I can now ping from the VM to each of the VLAN's and from my workstation to the VM server IP's.

    Very poorly designed interface requiring a lot of extra running around for what should be a simple task.

    Anyhow, it works. Thought I'd post my solution here for any others in the same situation.


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      Re: Change connection from one vSwitch to another

      You wanted to move a port group to a different vSwitch - you can't as you discovered. That's a delete and re-create exercise...
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