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connecting card modem to VM

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  • connecting card modem to VM


    I am trying to connect my card modem in host computer to VM workstation 10
    any ideas?


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    Re: connecting card modem to VM

    you need to give us a bit more information.

    What's the virtualisation platform? ESX, HyperV, VMWare server, Xen, something else?

    when you say card modem, what do you mean? a modem for doing old-school internet dialup or faxes?

    what's the target guest OS? Do you have drivers for it?

    Regardless of the above, I suspect you might have a lot of trouble with this. analog style modems are just one of the things that aren't really suited to virtualisation. You could MAYBE pass-thru a usb style modem..
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      Re: connecting card modem to VM

      Hello again,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, I was tied up in something else.

      I am using vmware workstation 10 in windows 7 x64
      The vm is an xp sp3
      The card modem is the old school dial up modem card that goes into the MB

      Doing some more research, I found out that it will not work.
      What would I use to replace this dail up modem, keeping in mind that I still need it to work in windows 7 and to be recognized by the XP vm.



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        Dial up Modem Unable to Complete Handshake (Windows XP)

        I purchased a USB 56K fax modem.
        tested it on the host windows 7x64, worked fine
        the vm (XP SP3) saw the modem
        when i tested it, there was a dial up, the connection "sounds" were there but unable to complete hand shake, where at the end it resulted in the error
        " error 678: the remote computer did not respond"

        i don't know if i was able to convey the situation at hand.
        let me know
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