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Can't add a host back in

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  • Can't add a host back in


    We are using VCenter 4.1 with ESXi 4.1 . Vcenter is running on Server 2003. Using the VSphere client 5.x I cannot add a host back into the datacenter that was there previously. I have administrator rights at the top level which is propagated down (full rights).

    I get the error:

    Permisson to perform this operation was denied.
    You do not hold privilege "Host > Inventory > Add standalone host" on datacener xyz.

    But I have admin?? What could be happening. This host was in there before.

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    Re: Can't add a host back in

    Just cos you have permissions at the root level of the tree doesn't mean you have that permission for the specific Datacenter object you are trying to add the host to.

    Have a look at the permissions on the Datacenter object itself.
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      Re: Can't add a host back in

      with vSphere 5.x and up, the domain admin doenst necessarily have the privileges required to perform the operation. in some instances, the domain admin might have the same permissions as the local admin, but that is dependent on your domain policy.

      the domain admin group must be given permissions on the vSphere server and cluster objects...

      log in as local admin and see if it works, and if so, then you know you need to add domain admins to the "add host' role on your vSphere. unless you see domain admins explicitly permitted, you'll need to check the SSO settings/groups once again.

      and if you cant find any permissions or cant do it with the local admin, then restart your entire vNet setup...
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