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RDP Via Citrix to VM Workstation

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  • RDP Via Citrix to VM Workstation

    Hello All,

    I have a weird issue where users connect to citrix and then use RDP to connect to their respective VM (VMware); immediately (within a minute) they are disconnected. They relaunch RDP and connect again and continue to work without any issues. This has also happened on my own VM.

    Tried to use some google-fu for this but all I keep coming up with are situations where RDP sessions keep dropping. We just seem to have sporadic, drops the first connection then everything is fine afterwards. Wondering if anyone else has come across this weird gem of an issue.

    Any info/input is greatly appreciated


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    Re: RDP Via Citrix to VM Workstation

    Oh man,

    I don't think I've ever been able to stump the peeps on this board... I"m in the same boat gents/ladies, all a-scratching my head at this bizarro issue. still can't find any solid leads.


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      Re: RDP Via Citrix to VM Workstation

      Any errors being logged anywhere?
      What software do you have it running on? VMware version etc
      What sort of connection are you using? VPN, ADSL, Cable, Wireless etc
      Is it on a single machine or is it on several machines?
      Are you running the latest Citrix version?
      Do you have any software that may be causing the disconnection (did it happen after an Update, Antivirus install/upgrade)?
      How long has it been happening?

      Add other information that may assist with your question. You post really gave anyone reading it no indication that may have assisted them with formulating a possible resolution.
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