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  • attach ssd hard disk

    Hi ,

    We are using VMWare ESXi 5.0 and in my server there 8 hotswap hard drive slots.
    At present one 120 GB SSD ard Drive is connected and its detected in ESXi server . Now I just purchase one 240 GB SSD Drive and I am attaching it to a 6 slot. Once the ESXi server starts its not showing there in storage tab.

    Can any one help me , how to detect this 240 gb ssd hard disk in my esxi server.

    please help..


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    Re: attach ssd hard disk

    Does the server see the drive? Not ESXi, the actual server itself.


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      Re: attach ssd hard disk

      your saying its not showing up on the configuration screen or storage adaptors?

      have you tried to rescan disks from the configuration screen?

      im going to link you to something remedial, but maybe its what you need to see. if you can go thru the same steps as the kid in the video but cannot see the disks when you finish, then post back...

      Adding Local Storage & Datastore to VMware ESXi 5.1


      and yes, like icenine said above, make sure the controller sees it first or vsphere never will.
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