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Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]

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  • Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]

    Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]

    Hi all

    We have a bit of a situation at the office and need your help. We are running an ESXi 5.1 host on an IBM x3550 M4 server. On it we have 3 VMs; one is running Windows 2003 (was P2V'ed), and the other two are running SCO Unixware 7.0.1. We use Veeam Backup and Replication to backup these VMs to a Windows Server over a gigabit network (no fiber channel or SANs)

    Unfortunately the SCO virtual machines are giving us a lot of trouble. In one particular instance one of the VMs rebooted by itself and lost all settings like passwords, data etc as if it has been reset to its original state. On another occasion one of the VMs was shutting its services and restarting them alone - when these SCO boxes were on a physical server (legacy) these things never used to happen except when the number of inodes were exceeded. Also its not the first time that we find the vSphere console window freezed when on these SCO VMs....we have to give the SCO VM init 0 or init 6 to be able to use it again. Even trying to backup these SCO VMs with Veeam will cause them to reboot or freeze the minute the backup job starts...we have to shutdown them first before backing them up. Everything is so unstable.

    Has anyone had any experience with SCO and Veeam/Vmware? any help? unforutnately we cannot find a physical server compatible with them.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]


    Can we have your feedback please?


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      Re: Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]

      Please do NOT bounce your posts. All members here give up their free time to help, and if no-one has replied, it is probably because no-one feels able to give a considered answer.

      Have you tried VMware's own support?
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        Re: Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]

        We have been running SCO Unixware 7.1.4 successfully under ESX (originally v4) and now ESXi v5.1 for a number of years.
        If I recall, earlier versions would give us kernel panics and other issues. Once 7.1.4. came out, it became a lot more stable.
        I don't know how you could get an upgrade license (and an .iso image), but it might be what you need.