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Migrating Physical RDMs?

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  • Migrating Physical RDMs?


    We are currently in the process of migrating to a new NetAPP storage device. We currently use a Fibre connected Hitachi AMS storage.

    Most of our VMs are VMDK however we have 2 servers which have Physical RDM connected. I would like some advice on how best I could migrate these VMs with the least amount of downtime.

    is anyone able to advise? I have done some research on this and believe that in a Physical RDM scenario if I was to power off these affected VMs and change the flag from Physical to virtual and then SVMotion them, I can then on the fly convert them to a VMDK? is that correct?

    Another method would be to create a clone of the VM and then the clone can be utilized with VMDKs, once the migration is complete then I could delete the RDM version, but this sounds like a lot more work will be involved.

    I found this blog which explains:

    My question what method would be the easiest and less downtime way as possible?

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    Re: Migrating Physical RDMs?

    Does this KB article help at all?