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workstation x nested home lab with vmware

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  • workstation x nested home lab with vmware

    tanks, i will look for autolab
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    Re: workstation x nested home lab with vmware

    Originally posted by giobaxx View Post
    Hi guys,
    I need your help to choose a cheap hardware to implement a nested home virtual LAB. I will need to install two esxi one vCenter and a Virtual San(at lesson we used openfiler). I Implement all in virtual so i will have to install all esxi, vcenter and virtual san as guest under VmWare Workastation, so from what i have undersood i have to put attention only choosing a CPU with virtualization enabled?
    I found in bargain-hardware some cheap hardware and a i tried to build some configuration but i need a help to understand if they are ok for my nested Lab.

    The cheapest was an Dell Precision 690 with 24GB RAM and two 3 GHZ DUAL CORE XEON (5050) and 500 GB as disk
    The second cheapest was Dell Precision 490 with 16GB RAM one 2.33 QUAD-CORE XEON( E5345) and 500 GB as disk
    The third cheapest was HP XW9400 with 32GB RAM and two 2.20 Ghz OPTERON (2354) and 500 GB as disk

    the three Workstation are under 400 euro, then i will buy an SSD for the virtual machine

    All the INTEL CORE XEON i found has Intel® Virtualization Technology ‡ enabled but no "Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables ‡" is a problem? To implement a basic nested LAB i strictly need only the first option enabled? or i'm wrong?
    For the OPTERON on AMD site i found that has AMD Virtualization Technology, no more is specified.

    At least one of these workstation was ok?...any help and advice is a great help form me...

    Both Dell options are really old. The 490's we replaced 4 years ago. Not sure about the HP one as we don't use HP equipment.

    I would think you MAY have issues using any of them with the latest versions of the VMware software.

    IMHO build your own lab. I did and run it inside VMware Workstation.

    Do a Google search for AutoLAB (not sure what version it will be at the moment). Very easy to setup a lab for testing using that.


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      Re: workstation x nested home lab with vmware

      ...Tanks for your help...

      I will look for the autolab . target was installing all on virtual under wmWare Workstation and Windows 7, so i though i will have less problem of compatibility.....

      I know both Dell are old, but actually i don't have any desktop or notebook that have enought RAM or disk space. So i have to buy something, but i have not money for a new model.

      So i hope that is possibible to implement my architecture that is similar to autolab(san instead nas) in one of the old Worstation i saw(Dell or HP)
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