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Workstation 10 Setup

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  • Workstation 10 Setup

    I have some issues running my first setup, and Iím not sure if itís possible to create what Iím trying to do.
    This is what I have
    Windows server 2012 running on physical machine, with active directory and domain controller with accesses to the internet, with 2 physical NIC cards, one hard drive for OS and one RAID 2TB for storage and VMs
    One Nic has static IP Ė this IP is pointed to one external IP in use for my
    The second NIC card is using DHCP both NICs are connected to my FIOS router.
    Iím trying to install l VMware workstation 10, setup some VMs and be able to add those VMs to my physical server 2012 running active directory.
    Any suggestions and if itís possible to do it?

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    Re: Workstation 10 Setup

    Why would you not be using Hyper-V on the host? Why does the host server need to be a DC?


    Install the Hyper-V role on the host.

    Create a virtual DC on the host.

    Create all of your other virtual machines on the host.


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      Re: Workstation 10 Setup

      The reason was because I was thinking to share my physical RAID storage drive with all the VMs.
      This may not be possible

      Running DC on the host I may be able to create the VMs account on the host and add it to my DC
      Createing folders on the Physical Storage Raid and add permissions access for the VMs accounts.
      Your configuration is fine but I not be able to share any folder located on my RAID hard drive because my host will be outside of my VM DC.
      I will try your configuration.
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