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VMware for beginners

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  • VMware for beginners

    Good Morning all,

    I'm an absolute beginner with VMware (Cisco admin background) and I'm trying to create a VM lab

    So far, Ive installed VMworkstation on my desktop, and inside of there, ive created 2 identical (other than hostname and IP) instances of ESXi. These have happily booted, and using VCentre installed on my non virtual desktop, I can connect to both of the servers individually, and see that they aren't running any VMs

    I guess my next step is to get them to talk to each other? Put them in a cluster? I'm not really sure TBH. I just know that the 2 servers are unaware of each other.

    Ideally, I'd like to get to a situation where I can move VMs between the 2 servers.

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    Re: VMware for beginners

    Now, this will be a rather cursory introduction, as I haven't set up a cluster in a while, but hopefully it's enough to get you started.

    In order to put them in a cluster, you'll need to run vCenter Server, where your cluster data and licensing will be stored, although you'll use vSphere to configure the cluster itself. vCenter Server needs to be run on a box separate from the ESXi boxes. Now, it's been a while since I set one of these up, but I don't remember doing anything but a straight-forward install. You will then use your vSphere client to connect to vCenter and here you will create what's called a "Datacenter", from which you can create your cluster. Just right-click the cluster, select "Add Host", fill in the requisite information, then repeat the process with the next host. From there, you can right-click your cluster again in vSphere and select "Edit Settings", where you can configure such things as High Availability and DRS. DRS is the one that automates guest migration among servers.

    Now, having said all that, is that your main goal? To automate that process? Because if you simply want the option to manually move them back and forth, you could run VMware Converter. All you need for that is for both servers to be on and connected.

    Hope that helps. Anyone, feel free to fill in the gaps.


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      Re: VMware for beginners

      Note that you'll need to configure vMotion in order for DRS to work, and you'll need to build some test VMs on your ESXi hosts.

      The vSphere documentation is publicly available on
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