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Internet on VM inside the ESXi

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  • Internet on VM inside the ESXi

    Hello i have the 2 Physical systems (isolated)

    1) with ESXi installed
    2) with Windows 7 and vSphear client installed

    I want to have internet on the VM systems inside the ESXi.

    Is it possible to have the internet on Windows 7 system and then share it?
    Is it possible to directly connect USB dongle to the ESXi system to have internet?

    if not the please suggest a method so that i can get internet on these systems.

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    Re: Internet on VM inside the ESXi


    how does your Windows 7 computer access the internet?
    I suspect you have at least a switch, that allows your windows 7 computer with vsphere to access the esx host.

    there fore. if your ESX server is on the same subnet and has the same gateway (probaly your modem) as the windows 7 computer, AND hjas dns configured it should be able to access the internet.

    for the guests on your ESX server, provided you have setup your vNetwork properly, and it can see your windows 7 computer (or windwos 7 can see it via ping etc) then it should be able to work in the same way.

    you almost certainly won't be able to connect a usb dongle to the esx host and have it work on the guests, and you can't set the esx host up as a gateway.
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