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Understanding Disk Sizes in VMWARE

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  • Understanding Disk Sizes in VMWARE


    We have a virtualised environment for one of our customers and today a server went down because the VMDK ran out of space.

    It was a relatively quick to fix - I extended the space available on the P2000 and increased the datatstore size.

    However I need to understand how this happened in the first place...

    I understand the concept of thin provisioning to allow over subscription of space.

    Here is things as they stand now.

    P2000 Logical Drive space 749.9GB

    Edit Virtual Machine Settings:
    Provisioned size 758GB
    Maximum Size 803.40GB

    vClient Datastore:
    Capacity: 698.25GB
    Free: 45.40GB

    Windows Explorer:
    Capacity: 757GB
    Free: 107GB

    Here's what I dont get:

    1. How can the Windows drive have been formatted to 757GB when the raw space on the P2000 is set to 749.9GB?

    2. Why is vClient saying the maximum size is 803GB??

    3. Why is Windows reporting 107GB free but the Datastore reporting 45.40GB?