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Migrating Node B of VC Server to another site

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  • Migrating Node B of VC Server to another site

    Hi All,

    In my organization we have Virtual Center Database running on two Virtual Machines; they are node A and node B.

    We have two Sites A and B. Both nodes A and B are in the same site i.e. A. Virtual Center is installed on the Node C. We are running 5.1 GA. VM Nodes A and B are on VM Hardware 9.

    On Nodes A and B we have 2008 R2 Cluster running and MS SQL is installed on this cluster. The Virtual Center DB is installed on this cluster on physical RDM's. Our task is to move Node B to Site B. Node A remains in the Site A.

    I just mentioned the steps that I thought would be fine; please confirm if they look fine to you all or any modification is needed.

    Check if the SQL resources are on Node A
    Power down Node B
    remove rdm mappings
    move Node B to site B via vmotion/svmotion
    change the network connection on Node B according to Site B
    add the RDM mappings
    Power on node B
    check to make sure that Cluster Services come back up
    Test the failover of the Virtual Center Database