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Clean up old VM Disks on ESX

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  • Clean up old VM Disks on ESX

    Our team added a disk to one of the VM's and when they removed the disk from the VM later, they forgot to actually delete the disk. The end result is that I have a 150GB disk still stored on the host however it's not being accessed.

    I'm a bit shy to go into the datastore and delete the file manually.

    What's the best way to do a disk clean up?

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    Re: Clean up old VM Disks on ESX

    As long as you're sure that the vmdk is not being used then just open the datastore browser and delete the vmdk file.


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      Re: Clean up old VM Disks on ESX

      Go ahead and create a test for yourself, make a vm, add a disk then give deleting a go and see how it feels. That may make you more comfortable when doing it for real.