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Clone or Template VM only boots PXE

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  • Clone or Template VM only boots PXE

    I am running vsphere 5.1

    Everytime I create a vm clone or create a vm from a template the vm does not boot and gets stuck on the PXE boot screen. I put the hard disk at startup that does not help. The error I get after PXE aborts is no OS installed?
    Anyone know what is going on?
    Thanks Jim

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    Re: Clone or Template VM only boots PXE

    If you convert the template back to a VM will it power on OK?
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      Re: Clone or Template VM only boots PXE

      Nope converting it back did not allow it to power on either.

      Here’s what I found, it may help someone else out there. This is for VSphere 5.1

      1. If I try to clone a machine that is not running, the cloned machine will never boot and try to boot from PXE, it then says no OS found

      So to clone a machine I keep the Source VM running then it allows me to clone it. The clone VM then does work.

      2. If I try to Clone to template a fully activated Windows 2008 R2 machine . Any machine using that template will fail with the PXE boot error as above.

      The source machine needs to be turned off, we know that already.
      You have to use Convert to Template, clone to template does not work I also use a fully activated Windows VM as my source.

      I turn off the VM, copy the files for it into another folder, I then add this duplicate dummy VM to Vcenter and convert that version to a Template. This leaves your fully activated Windows VM alone.

      I then use a customization file and attach it to the template when I create a VM and it works great.

      My question for the group is?
      Does Clone to Template work for you?
      Does Cloning a machine that is turned off, work for you?