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What VMware version to use

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  • What VMware version to use

    I Guys

    Just want to sanity check what version of VMware i should be using

    If i want a 2 node VMware cluster on primary site and then the same on my DR site, do i just need a 4 server license version of vSphere 5.1?

    I do wish to use vSphere replication to asynchronously replicate to the DR site over fast commercial broadband.

    Or is there a small business version of vSphere that would be more cost effective for just 4 nodes/hosts?

    I know i could ask VMware rep but I perfer a real world sanity check first so im a bit cluded in.

    Thanks Guys

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    Re: What VMware version to use

    I had a look and to me it looks like

    2 x VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit
    2 x 1 year support and subscription

    This would cover me for 2 hosts per site and vSphere Replication and management of my virtual environment?

    Do i need a storage licence for the HP SAN i plan on using?

    Can someone sanity check thanks a million!


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      Re: What VMware version to use

      also if i was to go for a 2 node cluster in site a and a single host in site b for DR does a 3 server essentials plus license cover me with vSphere replication between the two sites?



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        Re: What VMware version to use

        I would suggest contacting a VMware reseller.
        VCP2 / VCP3 / VCP4 / VCP 5 / VCAP-DCA4 / VCI / vExpert 2010-2012


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          Re: What VMware version to use

          Hey there,

          I did just want to let you know that if you are just new to VMware and wish to get an idea of what it is like, VMware still offers their Esxi 4.1 release, which is free to download and operate.

          You can find that here at:

          (sorry for no link, you need 5 posts to share on so you may have to copy paste.

          Esxi 4.1 is limited and basic in comparision to the new paid versions, but it will allow you to setup and test a fully functional virtual environment and will show you how much of a learning curve it may be for you.

          VMware can be very expensive if you are going to install it to a large cloud infrastructure, they have recently revised their licenses to charge per something like every 4GB of ram you have, and the fees may put you out of business before you even begin.

          I know that this is mostly a windows based community, but there are some Linux based alternatives like Citrix Xen and KVM that you might test as well if you have the spare time and equipment.

          I hope that this helps!