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VMware workstation networking question

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  • VMware workstation networking question

    Hello all,
    I have a couple of questions on how to configure a virtual network for my purposes. I'm Running VMware Workstation 9, and I have two Windows server 2012 virtual machines that I would like to keep off of the physical network but still have customizations on them. I might add more machines as the time comes, but for now, I have two. My idea is for them to both be domain controllers, and for one to be the DHCP server for itself and the other server. So I'd like to set my network up as follows:
    Both domain controllers have internet access (for updates), and they can be connected to and managed from my host machine via RSAT (for practicing remote server management in Windows server 2012/Windows .
    one domain controller is the DHCP and DNS server for the other.
    Neither machine touches the physical network due to the reasons of them being domain controllers and I don't want to interfere with my college campus network (I tried bridging the connection and it didn't allow me on the internet with either virtual machine set up that way anyway).
    Could someone walk me through how best to do this? I am trying to learn better how to manually set up networks anyway considering most of my life has been internet service provider-provided configurations, and I've never really had experience in messing around because I've not wanted to interfere with people's internet activities. Though I've wanted to be able to set up networks manually though, and this would be a good way for me to learn how. Thanks for any instruction and feedback you can provide, and if this is not possible without bridging one connection, then I can always do it at home. (nobody cares what I do around there as long as I don't knock out their internet connectivity). So thank you in advance for anything you have on this.

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    Re: VMware workstation networking question

    "Both domain controllers have internet access"

    "Neither machine touches the physical network"

    These two things contradict each other. They can't have internet access without having access to the physical network, either directly or through the host machine (bridged or NAT).

    Having Domain Controllers connected to the campus network can't do any harm that I can see.

    Having a DHCP server connected to the campus network can cause issues on the campus network.


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      Re: VMware workstation networking question

      Okay. I'll give Workstation back control of the DHCP server then, though I thought that the whole point of virtual networks was so that you could emulate the production environment without affecting the production environment. Or i'll set up the IP addresses manually. But why would having a virtual DHCP server set up on here hurt the main network if the virtual network has a different set and scope of IP addresses?


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        Re: VMware workstation networking question

        1. Virtual networks are great for testing and learning, but if the virtual machines need internet access then they have to have some kind of access to the physical network. How could they have internet access if they were completely isolated from the physical network?

        2. A DHCP client will respond to any DHCP server. If your DHCP server responds to one of the DHCP clients on the campus network then that client is going to get its ip configuration from your DHCP server, which is most probably not correct for the campus network. The DHCP client would probably wind up isolated on the network because it has an incorrect ip configuration... from your DHCP server.


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          Re: VMware workstation networking question

          To completely segregate your 2 servers from everything create LAN Segments.

          To do this open one of the VM's and go to its networking properties. In there click on the LAN Segments button and create a LAN segment called TestNet and assign the virtual machine that network.

          Go to the settings for the other machine and set its NIC to the LAN Segment you created.

          If you really require some internet access on these boxes then you need to add a router to the network with 2 network connections. 1 which ill be on your LAN segment and the other which could be bridged ot NATted.