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  • hybrid deployment

    I am thinking of getting a hybrid deployment, i.e have a mix of VMware Hypervisor, Red Hat KVM or Microsoft Hyper V. can anyone please throw some light on the advantages and disadvantages of having such an arrangement???

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    Re: hybrid deployment

    Is there a reason why (out of interest)? Are there a business cases for needing X over Y etc?

    The things I can think of would be:

    -More support costs as there are more environments (inc things like backup software, licensing etc)
    -Less chances of a bug/issue affecting your entire estate
    -Possibly different requirements on the SAN.
    -User access portal differences
    -Physical kit recommendations may be different which could reduce the ability to replace one environment with kit from another (as opposed to having all servers in one environment).

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      Re: hybrid deployment

      • No single point of failure - if one particular software platform has a bug, then it won't affect everything (as AndyJG pointed out)
      • there's literature that suggests some virtualised platforms run better on particular hypervisors - ie, linux may run better in ESX than hyperV.

      • No platform similarity - you can't hot-migrate a guest from one environment to another
      • No shared storage (probably)
      • additional support costs, licence costs
      • additional complexity and lack of clarity

      that's just a start.. I think the cons outweigh the pros
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