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    Hi der I would like to know in a small scale business environment how many servers will be there and what else is needed besides servers like Cisco switch or Dell ex-03 SAN. something like a Small Business environment which can run vSphere 4.1 perfectly with around 50-60 VMs with all enterprise functions but at small scale level besides Physical Servers what else is needed like switches or router or SAN etc Kindly Please Help Me With This Thank You

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    Re: vInfrastrcture Design

    You either need to give much more information or (preferably) get a consultant to help you with this.

    The number of servers will depend on your environment but will include one or more of:
    Domain Controllers (with DNS and possibly DHCP)
    File/Print Servers
    Mail Servers
    Database Servers
    SharePoint/Web Servers
    Others, all depending on your precise business requirements

    To run this you will need (as you have identified)
    Physical hosts (IMHO more than one)

    but there are too many questions to give more detailed answers.

    Is this a brand new infrastructure or replacing something existing? (if replacement, your current servers will guide you in what is needed).
    Tom Jones
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      Re: vInfrastrcture Design

      Thanks For The Reply, I apologize for not being specific with my earlier post

      I am not starting an organization , I am new to IT and i never been to IT Enterprise or Corporation before so i would like to know what are the components like HP Tower Servers or Blade Servers /Cisco Swtiches(With VPN Connectivity)or Router/ iSCSI SAN are need and in how many number

      will all the Physical Component should be intercompatible with each other at the same time it should support all the enterprise class features of vSphere 4.1 U3 and the hardwares should be from 2009-2010 which can support max of 60 VMs.

      Among the VMs are One DC, DNS Server , DHCP Server , 2 Print Servers , 2 Exchange Servers abd the rest of the servers as needed for a SMB to function like SQL Server for vCenter and other servers etc

      What are the servers need for the above scenario to perform both in physical environment and virtual environement and how many servers, switches and SAN will needed and other components if any

      if possible i would like to Buy and start testing these environment inside vInfrastruture as i found good reseller who sells 2009-2010 decommisioned working hardware @ good prices

      So kindly tell me what and how many physical components and esxi hosts are need to perform functioning SMB virtual environment with 60 VMs Max

      Thank You
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        Re: vInfrastrcture Design

        Every environment is different, not everyone uses/needs SQL, Exchange, SANs, etc. If you're looking to begin working in IT, your best bet is to start with certifications in a specific technology (Microsoft, Cisco, etc).


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          Re: vInfrastrcture Design

          Thanks for the suggestion vCole i am will get VCP-5 in 2-3 months but before i need to get understanding of how IT works , what do they do, like just basic's. what kind of process do they support hmm like a BPO supports telecom industry like AT & T answer the customer complaints and resolve any issues so what type or kind of process a Linux or Windows Server environment can support ?

          Let it be physical server environment and virtual server environment and what kind of process can they support with minimum of 50 Servers ?