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    Can someone help me out with a design scenerio in my current vmware environment?

    I have 2 ESX Hosts with 4 x 1G NIC's, and 2 x 10G connections. I have 2 virtual switches, one for management that has 2 x 1G NIC's from each server connected to it for failover. The other switch has both 10G connections assigned to it from each host for failover as well.

    Upstream all connections go to 2 x Nexus 5Ks. The 5Ks have a port channel between them.

    So my question is when the vSwitch has two NICs assigned to it, does the traffic load balance if left to the default settings? I have to run the 5Ks in HSRP so that I can have a VIP for the deafult gateway for the servers and hosts, so only one will pass traffic at a time, so if the traffic is load balanced, some will get to the standby switch and be passed....So how does this work.
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    Re: Design Question

    There are several options to load balance traffic on a vSwitch, but some more info would be helpful.

    Which traffic are you looking to load-balance? VM traffic? vMotion? NAS?
    Are you using a dvSwitch or the standard vSwitch?
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