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Test environment on Dell Poweredge 2950

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  • Test environment on Dell Poweredge 2950


    In our company we have a datacenter setup in the following way:

    2 Dell PowerEdge R810 servers (4 CPU / 96 GB RAM / DISKLESS) ESX01 / ESX02
    2 x Vmware vSphere 5 Enterprise vmotion critical VM\'s from 1 datacenter to another
    2 Equallogic PS4100X (24 x 900GB SAS 10K) for storage over iSCSI network

    I want to rebuild this in a testenvironment, doesn\'t need to be identical, just want to make sure that I can do vMotion and test for instance updates/other scenario\'s in this environment before doing this in production. As wel as being a good way of getting to know my environment as it was setup by the people before me.

    The past weeks, I have been testing on 2 desktops, one configured with openfiler to function as san and connect via another optiplex running ESXi5.0 on a flash disk. I get everything working, but face the limits of this desktop environment.

    I have one Dell PowerEdge 2950, 2x Intel [email protected], 2x 4 Cores, 16 GB RAM, 5x150 [email protected] SAS RAID5. (In 2 months I have 2 more of those servers available, as they will get decommissioned by then)
    I have other desktop at my disposal as well if needed.

    How would I make the best use of the hardware I have to setup my testenvironment?

    Already gratefull for all suggestions.


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    Re: Test environment on Dell Poweredge 2950

    What limits are you hitting? If the hardware meets the requirements for vSphere and for the SAN software then it doesn't matter whether the hardware is server class or workstation class. I've succesfully run a similar lab using only desktop class hardware. After all it is just a lab so if it doesn't match the performance of server class hardware it shouldn't matter as long as you can set up and test the functionallity, like vMotion.

    Set up one of the workstations as an iSCSI SAN and set up two workstations as vSphere hosts connected to the iSCSI SAN and do your testing.