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  • ESXI install

    I have two DL380 g5 with 2 pro quad E5320 8M Cache, 1.86 GHz, 1066 MHz , 8g ram for each one of them . is that enough to run 5 servers or no i'm talking here about the Processor do i have to upgrade or that is enough ?? becoz there's two server of them will act as an application servers . plz advice me .

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    Re: ESXI install

    Memory will be the probelm i would think.

    If possible try and upgrade to 16GB, more if you can afford it.

    I presume you are running a SAN for VM storage?


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      Re: ESXI install

      so there's no problem with processor ?? i can upgrade the Rams.
      thnx to talk about storage ,,, no i don't use SAN .... i'm thinking to buy NAS or to install openfiler on another DL380 g5 with the same processor . what's ur opinion ?


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        Re: ESXI install

        So you have 2 Quad core Processors per (future) host. That will give you 16 cores in total which will be sufficient to run 5 VM's.
        I suggest to upgrade the RAM to at least 16GB, although you might think about 32GB each, depending on the requirements.

        About the storage, don't go cheap to cheap on it. The underlying disk subsystem often becomes the bottleneck of a lot of virtualized environments.
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          Re: ESXI install

          thnx bro for ur replay ,,, i need more help if u don't mind

          i want to know what's the difference BTW Vsphere free edtion & Essential Kit

          I know that this one is free and for stand alone server but i want to know the differences in the feuters because i feel that the two are same ?


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            Re: ESXI install

            This will help:
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