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ESXi 5 setup questions

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  • ESXi 5 setup questions

    OK so I have the following components:

    MB: Ga-ma785gmt-ud2h
    Memory: 8GB
    CPU: Amd Phenom IIx6 1090T

    I have esxi 5.1 installed/running. This is a at home test rig. I have (4) 1tb drives available.

    My question is in regards to datastore -
    1) Can I add drives directly to this machine and run it that way? If so what is the best way to set the drives up as. Single sata drives/raid/etc

    2) would it be better to throw these drives in a different machine and run it as a nas.

    Looking for some direction....

    3) On this current machine about how many vm's could I run on it? If I add more memory will that increase how many vm's I can add?

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    Re: ESXi 5 setup questions

    Depending on how reliable you need it to be, you can setup the disks in a raid array on the system you are using as an ESXi machine. Because you are using it as a test lab, individual disks would suffice.

    With having 8 GB memory and a 1 TB disk you should have plenty of space for testing most items you would require.

    As for the amount of vms you can run, that would be limited on the memory and CPU usage. If you setup 512mb machines, you may suffer in performance, however if they are domain controllers and not used for much else, that is fine.

    My current setup is a Windows 7 64 Bit Machine, Intel 2500k @ 5ghz, 32 GB Memory running Vmware workstation 9, I have 2 ESXi vm's running a few vm's inside of them, as well as many running from workstation. I currently run a citrix environment allowing all the tablets in the house to access MS office and a flash capable internet browser. All this and I can still use the machine in windows.

    Your 8 GB machine, you can use this math.

    Leave at least 512 MB for overhead on your ESX machine (1 GB would be better). and then calculate the memory needs for each vm.

    My estimate for you would be 7 vm's at 1 GB each and 1 GB overhead for the esx machine should be ok. I have had a similar environment until I did what I mentioned above.