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Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

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  • Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

    Dell Poweredge 1900 has just failed on me. I have an Acronis backup from last night.
    I have a spare HP Proliant G5 server with ESXi 5 installed.

    I was contemplating restoring to the physical server using the Acronis universal restore although working remotely used VMware converter tool to import as a VM although it wont start - due to difference in hardware i guess.

    Would the recommendations be get back to site and restore to physical, or boot from Acronis universal restore CD and point to .tib?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

    I'm in the process of migrating to vmware ESXi5 and had great luck converting my Acronis images into vmware. I'd say go for that! Grab vConverter 5 (it's free) and it's supported right in the wizard to import a .tib.

    EDIT: Just re-read your post and I see you tried it already and it didn't boot. Sucks, wish I had another suggestion for ya...


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      Re: Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

      Why not just installing ESXi again. It would probably take just a few minutes before it's up and running again
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        Re: Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

        What is it that your trying to restore?? ESX or a Windows host??

        Do you have the latest version of VMware Convertor??

        I personally haven't tried it but it is supposed to be supported.

        Seems like different versions of Acronis have different file types and as such you may be out of luck.

        (That post is a bit old and i have no idea what version yo are using.)


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          Re: Restore to ESX from tib (Acronis), or physical?

          Thanks for replies and sorry for slow reply.
          The failed server was running windows server 2003 r2. I had an acronis image of this from the night before the raid controller died.
          Although this is backed up using acronis, its not actually installed per se on the box because its used through kaseya.
          In the end I restored it to a Dell 2900 as a physical restore using the acronis 2011 boot loader. Had a hit of hassle with the RAID driver although acronis has a utility to inject the drivers which is pretty impressive!
          Thanks for help.