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  • RAID Controller Support

    Hi ,

    We are using the Intel Server with Intel C220 Chipset Motherboard . RAID 0,1 support is available on board , its a software raid support built in BIOS. Now while trying to install ESXi 5.0 its not detecting the RAID 1 which i implement using the on board BIOS Configuration . So is it a way that i can implement a RAID 1 on this board and it supports the esxi 5.0 . I contact Intel Server Customer Support , but they says only if vmware makes any patch in their version , then only its possible.
    So is it possible to resolve the issue , without going to install the new external RAID card on my server....

    Also now if i want to confirm that which external RAID Card will supports on ESXi 5.0 server , where can i get it ? We are using 2x500gb SATA Hard drives.

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    Re: RAID Controller Support

    Hi ,

    Is this the correct link to get the information for RAID Controller , which supports the VMWare ESXi 5.0 is there some more links with even price details also.



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      Re: RAID Controller Support

      is your server listed on the hardware compatibility list for ESXi ?
      Is the RAID card?

      I know that I have a HP Microliant here, which has onboard Raid1 or RAID0, but it's not recognised by ESXi. So I sucked it up and went HyperV.

      that link you provided IS The correct place to confirm whether or not a specific device is compatible with ESX. However, as you can understand it's not really possible for them to give pricing guides on hardware - that's not VMware's business.

      You need to identify a relevant piece of hardware, then speak to a vendor to buy it.
      Personally, I use StaticIce, but that's for Australian prices.
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        Re: RAID Controller Support

        Unfortunately not all RAID cards are supported and as such even if you have RAID enabled it will not see the config. I was in the same situation as tehcamel using a Dell PowerEdge 1950 server where it would not see the SAS array i had setup but it did see both the drives.

        What is the model number of your motherboard??