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  • Storage delivery options

    I am getting ready to setup and migrate to vmware (from Virtual Iron ). One big question I have is what the best method of delivering data storage to my vms will be.

    Currently in Virtual Iron we do it 2 ways depending on the vm and data volume size/importance. With iSCSI Equallogic storage into VI we either use a carved up large LUN into 'virtual volumes' and present to the vm, OR deliver an entire LUN (iSCSI done via Virtual Iron, presented as a direct disk to the vm). The third option we'd have is iSCSI initiator at the vm OS level direct to SAN, we don't do any of that right now.

    Our critical data volumes are done direct, replicated at the SAN level etc. Our non critical ones are easier to manage being in 'virtual volumes'.

    So in the world of vmware what are my options and what would work best? I'm going through a decent book but figure some real world advice might help my perspective on this.

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    Re: Storage delivery options

    I spliy mine up into LUNS depending on the speed of them, i.e fast and slow, then from there i carve them up into smaller blocks depending on the requiremetns for them.

    I currently have a 2TB LUN for my exchange servers and 6 x 600GB LUNS for other systems, along with others of course.

    There is no right and wrong answer and most will depend on the needs of your organisation.


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      Re: Storage delivery options

      Thanks for the info. I was speaking with an EqualLogic guy today who more or less cleared it up for me.

      From what I understood I can do:
      - LUN to vmware, vmdks, then to machine
      - LUN to vmware, deliver to vm as RAW
      - LUN to vmware, OS iSCSI to LUN

      More or less what I'm used to doing in Virtual Iron.