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Guest to Virtual Environment connection

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  • Guest to Virtual Environment connection

    My host has an IP of from a router DHCP.
    I have a virtual environment which has a DC and DNS and the IP is: 192.168.1.x
    how can I get access from my host to the virtual environment? What do I need to setup on the host OS? (Windows)

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    Re: Guest to Virtual Environment connection

    WHat virtualisation technology are you using?

    Under hyper-v it isjust a question of having the guests on a virtual network bound to a physical adaptor and using mstsc or unc paths.

    Not knowledgable about vmware but I think the process is similar -- I will move the thread to an appropriate forum once you tell us which

    EDIT -- are you sure about your host IP -- it is not a private one?
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      Re: Guest to Virtual Environment connection


      The host IP is indeed a private one but issues by the router which has DHCP (
      From the host, I want to connect or be able to access resources which are residing on the virtual environment. Those machines have an IP in the range of 192.168.1.x.

      The virtual machines CAN access the host without issues, but I cannot seem to access the virtual machines FROM the host.


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        Re: Guest to Virtual Environment connection

        Moved to VMware forum.

        Judging by some of your other posts, you are using VMware. What VMware version and edition? Have you already configured some networks in VMware? When you say you can't connect to the VMs from the Host, is this a VMware host and you are using vSphere to attempt the connection or are you using VMware workstation or similar on a Windows PC? Also, ensure that the subnet that your host is sitting on can route through to the VM network, which will of course depend on your setup.


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          Re: Guest to Virtual Environment connection

          Thank you.
          yes, I am using WMWare workstation 8. I believe VMWare adds its own network adapters onto the host PC. I havent configured anything on that level but for the VM images yes, I added network adapters to those VM images.

          The VM images can access the host no problem but the host cannot ping/access resources which sit in the VM images.


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            Re: Guest to Virtual Environment connection

            Have you experimented with using different types of networks on the VMware workstation? Have you configured the Host with an IP address on the same range as the VMs and tested? Just wondering if there is a routing issue.