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how to manage VM ware RAM ?

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  • how to manage VM ware RAM ?

    Hi guys ,
    I am little bit puzzled about the RAM management in VMware environment,
    We have small scale environment (10 ESXI) with 1.3 TB RAM.
    Lately we getting warning massage from the easi about high memory (as you can see below)

    But actually the memory active is much lower the phsycal memory and the consumed memory grant to the different machines (I cant find one place I cant view the memory active consumed and physical

    My question is , how should I refer to the warnings coming out from the ESXi.
    The active memory is tiny , but the warning keep to come out .
    Should I ignore them ?
    What would happen if all ESX physical memory will be 100 (is it cause performance issue or the relevant counter is only the active memory)
    Could I get this from one place in Foglight ?

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    Re: how to manage VM ware RAM ?

    Just because I'm not clear on this:

    Do you have one ESXi server with 10 guests, and 1.3TB of memory,

    or do you have 10 ESXi servers, with 1.3TB of memory across them?

    If you've got 10 ESXi servers, are your resources pooled?
    Is it possible you've overcommitted physical memory?

    I apologise if your screenshots answered those questions but it doesn't look like it's included in the post..
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      Re: how to manage VM ware RAM ?

      we have 10 ESXI with total sum of 1.3 TB,we do have resource pool for them.

      my question is basically : how IT people decide when to buy more ESXI beacuse low memory .

      what is the relavnat counter in Vmware (is it memory consumed , memory active) ?


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        Re: how to manage VM ware RAM ?

        Review the Memory counters which might give an idea what they mean;
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          Re: how to manage VM ware RAM ?

          Time for some light bedtime reading