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Suggested NIC and network design for HP blade

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  • Suggested NIC and network design for HP blade

    VM gurus , i need your input to suggest me for designing the following BOM:

    6 ESXs HP blades BL62c G7 with 2 Flex-10 virtual connect eithernet module , 2 MDS interconnect SAN switch.
    each blade server has 96 GB RAM and 2 dual port NIC 10GbE , capable to caving to 16 NICs in each server. connected upstream cisco switches are 4506 with 12 SFP+ modules

    How should i design my network, i means how many nic segregate to console, vmotions, FT, Meanwhile storage i am using is FC SAN.

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

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    Re: Suggested NIC and network design for HP blade

    What sort of load are you wanting to put on it?
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      Re: Suggested NIC and network design for HP blade

      This is actually my full BOM in which need suggested design as i ;m building a private cloud as DR site.

      HP BOM

      1- HP c7000 encl, with 6 Blade 620c G7 each with 96 GB RAM , and dual NC553i ports 10 GbE which can be caved to 16 NIcs per each server along with 2HP flex-10 Ethernet switches , 2 MDS 4 GB interconnect FC switch


      2- the SAN we are using is the EMC unified storage NS-120
      3-We have purchased EMC recover point/SE for a sync replication in which will integrated with Carrion array splitter based to do VM replication between our two sites in two different countries

      4- We have purchased Vsphere 5 enterprise plus
      5- we have purchased SRM 5 for site recovery and fail over

      6- Vcenter 5


      7-Two upstream Cisco switches 4506 with 12 SFP+ to uplink into 2 Flex-10 (6 each)

      Your suggested design is most welcome about :

      - How to design network in term how many nic to be assign for VM roles like , console, vm,vmotion, FT as best practice

      - what is best practicing for SAN design
      - How we ensure the resilience connectivity to shift VMs between two sites that connected through two MPls WAN connection
      - what is most points i need to be aware from the design network, storage, resiliency perspective.