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VMWare on USB-HD

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  • VMWare on USB-HD

    Hello to all,

    i'm trying to make a WMWare image that will open exactly the same system on every computer i use it.

    for example, this is a USB-HD i take with me everywhere, i want to load the station on a computer and i want it to use ALL same identities as it will use on any other computer.

    what's important for me is computer ID (bios) and Mac address, and also anything else you experts can think of.

    what should i edit in the configuration file? should i clone the workstation or just open the same station on any computer?

    Appreciate your help,

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    Re: VMWare on USB-HD

    uhmm.. what version of vmware are you speaking of.. ?
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      Re: VMWare on USB-HD

      vmware station v7.1.3


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        Re: VMWare on USB-HD

        You will have a problem if you create the VM on a Intel CPU and try to open it on a AMD CPU and vice-versa , also you will need to install VMware WS on every pc you want to use the VM, you may run into a licensing problem.
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          Re: VMWare on USB-HD

          Not if you take VMware player then you won't need any licences

          Not sure if you keep the same info when you use VMware Player but its worth a try.