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Shipping new ESXi Hosts

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  • Shipping new ESXi Hosts

    I am looking at the most efficient way to ship esxi hosts to run standard windows servers.

    I want to buy them from our supplier with Esxi embedded and for the supplier to configure the RAID and put our VM template on there with an ESXi Mngmt address and ILO address. Then when it gets to site I can just add to our VC and deploy the VM's quickly from template. Does anyone have experience of this and does this sounds feasible?

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    Re: Shipping new ESXi Hosts

    If your supplier would be willing to do that - then it sounds more than reasonable.

    Are these ESXi servers going to be the only ones in their site? If not it might be easier just to copy over a template from an existing server in that site.

    Remember that your supplier will not be able to configure the server completely - (Network/ Storage/Security) - only you will be able to do that.
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