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  • NIC design question

    What is the recommended seperation for a ESXi host that has 4 x 1GB NICs?

    I was thinking team 2 NICs for Management and vMotion combined, with the remaining two NICs teamed for VM traffic.

    Or is it better to create a single vSwitch that uses all 4 NICs, for instance?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: NIC design question

    4 NICs really isn't enough IMO.

    If you can't add another card then i would do the following

    Managment - vswitch0 - nic0
    vMotion - vSwitch1 - nic1
    Production - vSwitch2 - nic2, nic3

    Again this is just how i would set them up as i'm pretty sure there is no set system for designing switching.


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      Re: NIC design question

      The principle of using 2 NICs for VMs and 2 for management and vMotion is pretty sound, what a lot of admins would do for the management/vMotion NIC team is to configure active/standby NIC teaming policies. So if those 2 NICs are vmnic0 and vmnic1 you'd configure your management port group to use vmnic0 as active and vmnic1 as standby, and set your vMotion port group the opposite way round.

      Is the physical network segregated at all or using VLANs? I'm a big advocate for configuring the virtual network as a "mirror" of the physical network, utlimately the virtual network is just an extension of the physical network.
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