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vmserver to esxi 4.1 problem with rdp

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  • vmserver to esxi 4.1 problem with rdp

    hey guys

    i have an vm server 2.0
    vmdk machine ruining on 2003 server with vm server2.0
    i convert a the machine and push it into esxi 4.1
    all settings by default at esxi 4.1
    stop the machine at vmserver2.0
    and make it up at esxi
    machine ruining no problem but i cant rdp into the server.
    i got becsude of an error protocol 0x1204
    even when trying sql obdc connection and i cant reach the machine,
    when trying unc path its ok .

    i try to uninstall the vm tools and re install them ,try net sh ,try change network adepter at the machine
    play with terminal services,and nothing...any idea ?
    i have an ping and have ping by host name and the machine can ping the dns by name or ip machine is at work gorup not part of the domain,but still if i turn it off and turn on the vm server 2.0 and same machine no problem at all...

    thank a head
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    Re: vmserver to esxi 4.1 problem with rdp

    so, other computers can ping the IP address of the server that you cannot connect to, is that correct?

    Are there any special configurations on the vSwitch you've put this guest onto?
    Can the guest ping other servers ?
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      Re: vmserver to esxi 4.1 problem with rdp

      When you added the server to the ESXi host did you have a the same IP range on it as the rest of your servers???

      Can a server on the same vSwitch ping the moved server???