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[Newbie] Hardware cluster and virtualization

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  • [Newbie] Hardware cluster and virtualization

    Dear Sirs,

    I already implemented lots of servers in small company's. I never do big company's. But those small company's mostly use 3 servers. 1 server is small business server. A second one is a Terminal Service server for remote offices and a third one mostly is a ERP server (Depends on what ERP system they use, this can be Navision for example)

    Now some of my customers are going te replace their old installation and I want to consider Virtualisation.

    I would like to install 2 servers instead of 3 and some kind of SAN for storage.
    Then I would create 3 virtual servers. But I do not want to choose wich virutal server is virtualized on wich hardware server. I want to be able that it is load balanced over the full power of the 2 servers. And If I lack power I can simply add a new hardware server so that I extend the total hardware power. Is this posible? Some kind of hardware cluster that seems to be one big hardware server. This would also be good for failover. One hardware server down. everything stil works but with less power.

    Do I need special hardware for this? Or can this be standard servers and will VMware handle this? Or is this hardware cluster somthing totaly different?

    kind regards

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    Re: [Newbie] Hardware cluster and virtualization

    You could easily acheive this with 2 ESXi hosts and a single san.

    Fault Tolerance would need to be purchased if using VMware.

    I have a similar setup in a couple of our branch offices with the following equipment

    2 x Dell PE R710 Servers - Both with 64GB RAM
    2 x Del PowerConnect 6224 Switches
    1 x Dell Powervault MD3200i SAN

    Pretty easy to setup.

    I would however recommend that you hire a local consultant to help setup the first one then you can setup the rest.

    I would also reommedn that you check out the pricing involved for the VM licencing vs normal server licencing. FT needs at least Enterprise