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  • HA Userworld Swap Disk

    Hello to all

    I have a question regarding the swap disk used by Esxi to hold the HA config for each host.

    We have 4 ESXi4.1 hosts (blade enclosure C7000 - Fibre to SAN) and a HA User-world Swap Disk on SAN which is 5gb in size. There is only 438mb left on this drive. I understand that each host will require its scratch config to point to a vmfs folder on this drive and this takes up 1gb of space for each host, so my question is can i create a second V disk on the SAN, present it to the Esxi hosts, and use the Storage > Properties > Increase on the current User-world drive to span the new V disk to the existing User-world V disk?

    Im concerned about data loss if doing this. Basically I would like some advice or best practice on increasing the size of the HA User-world Swap Disk and if this can be done live as we have over 40 VM's and I am not able to shutdown all the VM's and reboot the hosts in one go.

    Any advice appreciated

    Many thanks