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VmWare server virtual networks for testing

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  • VmWare server virtual networks for testing


    I found and read a post about creating a virtual testlab which somewhat applied to my situtation.

    I have four virtual machines wich have been on a ESXI host, assigned to a VLAN, say vlan 10 and ip-adresses on

    I have exported those machines and now I want to import them to another VmWare server (free edition) to be able to work with them when they are isolated from the real production enviorment. And, I want them to have connection to eachother and that 172.xx.x.xxxx network. I cant change ip-adresses on them.

    Is this possible with the free edition of vmware server?

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    Re: VmWare server virtual networks for testing

    Yes. Build the host using the ESXi free edition. Configure a new vSwitch and attach all VM's to that network ensure that no physical uplink adapter is configured to the switch. All VM's should be able to talk to each but not leave the vSwitch.

    You'll have to connect to the ESXi host directly as it can;t be connected via vCenter.

    Hope this helps

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