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What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution

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  • What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution

    I currently looking into VMWare to help control my kids PC’s at home. I use VMWare workstation and VMWare Lab Manager at work but I do not have any experience in the backend. I’m not sure what I will need to get this to work at home. I'm not stuck on VMWare and willing to look at other products.

    Here is what I have/want.
    I would like the kid’s PC’s to only run VM’s so if they mess something up I can revert. They should be able to turn on the PC, the VM loads, and they are ready. Ages 8, 8, and 3 so I’m trying to keep it simple for them.
    I want to host the VM’s from my machine running Windows 7 x64 pro. I currently use VMware Workstation 8 on it also.

    Hardware wise I have:
    AMD Phenom II X4 970 @ 4.3
    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 1Gb
    Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    And about 5Tb of storage on various drives.

    Can someone point my in the direction of what software will be required? I can do the research on how to get it setup and working. There are just so many choices it gets confusing reading them all.

    If you need more info please say so. I tried to be through on what information may be needed.

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    Re: What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution

    It almost sounds you're looking towards a VDI solution...?
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      Re: What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution


      Your idea sounds great. Did you ever find a solution? If so I'd really appreciate a brief summary of how you accomplished your goal.



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        Re: What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution

        wow.. old post. Anyway

        poore, my concern here would be the fact that you're using your personal computer, as the back-end for those guests. that's going to have a big impact on your disk subsystem.
        I'm guessing based on your specs that there's no specific RAID adaptor or anything like that in there.

        there's also the memory aspect of it - with 8GB of ram, that's 4GB for your system, and then 4 for guests.. are you going to give them 2GB each? what if they all start topping out, you've overcomitted your memory, which is going to destroy your disk as it pages (which is alrady being destroyed, see above)

        If you wanted to go this way (and it's definitely an idea) I'd look at building a specific server with esxI instead of vmware-server - this has a lower a footprint, so running 3/4 guests you'd be perfectly ok with 8GB of RAM. Add a RAID card for the disk.
        Then, like dumber said, try taking a look at VDI.

        Or better yet, take a look at something like the HP Thin Clients, and setup a terminal server !
        thin clients, you can't change anything on the computer, as it reverts to it's standard setting. It basically starts up, and gives you a connection to a terminal server (and then you can lock it down via policy - reducing the risk of viruses etc)
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          Re: What to use at home to setup VM desktop sharing solution

          Your thinking is sound but here’s another idea.....

          Have you thought about imaging the kidz PC's? Build it clean, image it onto an external HD or whatever. Every 6 months or whenever they break them etc stick a fresh image on the PC. The only thing you have to catch up on is Windows and Antivirus updates then hand the PC back.

          I'm sure you have thought of it, but if you’re not too sure about running VM's then this is another option.