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HA Error in a ESX Host

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  • HA Error in a ESX Host

    Hi Friends,

    This is my first post here.

    We have ESX 4.x vSphere Infrastructure.

    Yesterday we updated the vCenter Server from 4.1 to v5.

    But after that an ESX host is giving trouble in HA. We are not able to configure the HA in that host. The details are as follows;

    vCenter Server -- Version 5
    Base Server -- Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit OS with SP1

    ESX Host -- 4.1.0, 433742

    We did the following to troubleshoot this:

    Disconnected the host from vCenter and reconnected
    Reconfigured HA
    Installed latest patches

    But of no luck the issue is still remains;

    Requesting you to guide me in the troubleshooting process for this issue...

    Thank You all

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    Re: HA Error in a ESX Host

    are all your other hosts exsi5???


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      Re: HA Error in a ESX Host

      No..all the hosts are ESX 4.x

      We just upgraded the vCenter Server alone.


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        Re: HA Error in a ESX Host

        Any error message?
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