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Host to VM network dodgy (bridge mode)

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  • Host to VM network dodgy (bridge mode)

    Problem: Connectivity between the host and the VM randomly drops out.

    Observed: The problem only seems to occur when the host network cards are teamed and the host OS is Windows 2008 R2 (x64). This problem is happening on 14 of our Dell 2900's and 6 of our IBM 3650 M3's.
    It does not occur when the host is running Windows 2003 R2 (x32) with teaming.

    Here is a screenshot ( showing the virtual network editor settings as well as a ping from the host to the VM (you'll notice that 1 network card is disconnected and you may think that is the problem but it happens even when both network cards are plugged in).

    btw I'm using VMWare Server 2.0

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    Re: Host to VM network dodgy (bridge mode)


    Can you explain more your Virtual environment?

    Because this is VMware Server, and you are using this on 14 dells? And 6 IBM??

    You are using VMware Server on all this servers?



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      Re: Host to VM network dodgy (bridge mode)

      At first glance I would check your Windows Network configuration and if it matches with your networking environment.
      However, isn't it an option to migrate an vSphere environment?
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