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Fiber Channel SAN and IIS Shared Content

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  • Fiber Channel SAN and IIS Shared Content

    I need to see how to setup IIS (in a NLB setup) for Shared Content on a Fiber Channel SAN in a VMWare environment.
    We have three 2008 R2 servers (running IIS) on a ESXi 4.1 host. The SAN is an HP P2000 G3 connected by Fiber Channel.
    I can find plenty of articles through google on how to setup the IIS for Shared Configuration, Redirect IIS to the shared folder for Shared Content and NLB. My problem is that I cant seem to find much on settting up the shared folder on the SAN so that the three IIS servers can all access it at the same time for Shared Content.
    Thanks so much!!!

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    Re: Fiber Channel SAN and IIS Shared Content

    A SAN is a block based device and requires a device in front to make it look like a file based device (NAS).

    That front device can be a Windows machine with a SAN disk attached (i.e. F:\), on which you create a folder that you share (i.e. \\fileserver\sharedfolder). Other windows machines can then access that share over the network.

    There are what is called Unified Storage devices, that do both SAN and NAS from the same unit, unfortunately your HP P2000G3 is SAN only.

    Look at EMC VNXe to see what a Unified Storage device looks like.
    Note that other vendors do have such storage devices in their portfolio as well.

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      Re: Fiber Channel SAN and IIS Shared Content


      You really need a consultant to do this for you.
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        Re: Fiber Channel SAN and IIS Shared Content

        If you're hardware supports it, you can use NPIV by giving each VM it's own (virtual) WWN.
        Then zone it correctly and done...

        Or use physical or Virtual RDM
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