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Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

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  • Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

    I'm working towards my MCSE & MCITP and as a part of the course, I'm supposed to be doing many practical exercises. Further to conflicit recommendation, I wondered if anyone around could possibly help me & point me in the right direction.

    Further to few recommendation, I'm torn between using Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare. I intend to have at least 2 virtual PC created, whereby I'd have Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 installed in one and Windows XP installed on another. I'd like these 2 PC to be set-up with 1 being server & another being client and would like both 2 communicate with each other in a domain controller environment.

    My fear is whether the virtual PC with Windows XP be able to communicate with Server 2008, considering both virtual PC would be using the same network card (along with my "real" laptop using the same network card, as well.

    Can someone please recommend if Microsoft Virtual or VMWare would suit my need? Lastly, is it straightfoward to establish connection between these 2 virtual PC (Server OS & XP) or is there any particular setting that I need to fiddle with?

    Any help or further recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

    Virtual PC will do the job fine -- you can set VMs to three types of network:
    VMs only
    VMs + host
    Internet access

    Presumably you will be using 32bit Server OSes -- if you want to use 2008R2 you will need a 64-bit hypervisor -- possibly the free version of HyperV server
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      Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

      I use VMware workstation which is NOT free but i get heaps of functionality from it.

      VMware server i've used but didn't like too much hence the reason for the move to Workstation.

      I think that the best option for you is to use them both and figure out which one best suits your needs.

      If your looking at free options then don't limit yourself to MS and VMware options.

      This is a pretty comprehensive list of free virtualisation software that you could utilise

      Another option is to use a proper virtualisation hypervisor. VMware does a free version called ESXi, don't be fooled as there are a couple lol.


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        Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

        This also depends on the job you land after you get your certs.

        Did you want to learn the VM software or just open some machines up? Virtual PC is simple and straight forward.

        If this is to prepare for a job I would learn the big two first (VMWare and Microsoft HyperV). After that I would recommend learning a good open source version.

        In my experience the small business use VMWare (IMO the best support and most information on the internet). Large organizations use Open Source. HyperV is growing fast but some of us (myself included) is reluctant to change as we have already purchased the VMWare licensing and it works great. I still thnk HyperV is too new to the scene to trust in my environment.

        VMWare has a free version (ESXi) to get you started. It lacks hgh end features, but it does not sound like you need any to start.



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          Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

          You should instal windows xp as host operating system and then install server 2008 on VMWare and you have to bridge the LAN connections of both this will may solve your problem


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            Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

            @Hobie, VMware products such as vSphere tend to be the most popular in large organizations too, certainly commercial organizations - open source tends to be used more in educational establishments in my experience. I meet a lot of VMware customers from all across the UK and all the major oil, financial and telecoms companies have some pretty serious vSphere deployments, as do many central government departments, the British Army, the list goes on...

            @All, don't rule out the free VMware Player - think of it is a cut-down version of VMware Workstation:
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              Re: Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare ???

              Hi J4mes,

              I just created my mini lab. As recommended by Wullie I installed VM workstation(its not free though) and it works well for me. I have installed windows Server 2008 Std x86 and XP pro 32bit as client. I had no problems installing the VM as well as the OS's in the VMware. I already have ADDS, DNS and DHCP roles in my server and all is working fine. As for the network config. of the VM i used HOST since its only my private/internal lab.

              I was also choosing between MS Virtual PC and VMware. But I chose VM since I dont have experience in it and to have a knowledge on it is no a bad thing (since its one of the best if not the best VM tech out there). So its up to you now..Hope I helped shed some light..

              There is only one way to find Out..Its to try it and/or Do it...