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Problems with software iSCSI on ESX 3.5

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  • Problems with software iSCSI on ESX 3.5


    I've been having trouble getting our ESX 3.5 to see an iSCSI target.

    It has not been set up previously to use iSCSI on our ESX host. I have followed the directions in VMWare's documentation using the VI Client with no success.

    I've also redone it using the command line. Still nothing when I rescan several times in VIC.

    So, I might have traced it down to a problem with the VMKernel NIC: it responds to pings using vmkping on the host. However, should I be able to see it from the LAN? From my workstation it does not respond.

    The list of IPs: - our SATABeast which is configured to be the target - the VMKernel NIC on vSwitch2 - the service console on vSwitch2

    I can see the target at and the service console at, but not the VMKernel NIC.

    Any tips? I've had a couple of weeks trying to figure this out and following the directions over and over but still no result.

    Or is there a chance that something was set up originally (several years ago - before my time with it) with the ESX host that is preventing any of this?