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king of storage for vm

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  • king of storage for vm


    i have 3 important servers
    i consider moving to virtual using vmware
    what kind of storage would be good to work with?
    emc and netapp are quite expensive
    are those the only options?
    can i use hp storage, like hp msa60 ..


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    Re: king of storage for vm


    can i use this storage for backup solutions, like snapshots?



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      Re: king of storage for vm

      what requirements do you have?

      ARe you putting your 3 important servers on one physical host a virtual guests?
      Do you need high-availability, or DR services?
      what are your IOPS needs? what about capacity requirements?
      Do you need any applications that have to belong on their own separate spindles?
      What about tiered storage? Do you have some areas where high IO is critical, but capacity isn't? what about a requirement for high capacity, but slower thruput?

      You simply havent given us enough information to work out what you want, and identify a couple of options.

      if you use your storage solution for backups as well, it's not necessraily a backup then, is it.
      Consider this scenario:

      You implement a fibre-channel based storage solution. You have 16 disks. You use 8 disks as dedicated VMDK volumes.
      You use a further 8 disks as your backup target.
      you suffer a catastrophic failure of the storage processors in th disk trays, resulting in irretreivable corruption on all disks across the SAN.
      But it's ok. You can just recover your backups from last night. Oh. Wait.

      Not saying you can't do it - just requires more planning and forethought.
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        Re: king of storage for vm

        hi tehcamel

        i understand the scenarios that needed to be considered
        yet my question is more about the firmware

        emc, netapp that are quite expensive
        and what about hp, like

        HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Solution

        when i look for storage, what do i need to look at?

        size limit
        can work with active directory
        can work with db
        snapshut limit and quality

        but what about the application they came with



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          Re: king of storage for vm

          but the firmware is specifically related to the equipment at hand?

          and the answer is (especially if you work with HP equipment)

          The Latest Firmware is always best. THus the question "have you updated the firmware"

          Yes, you definitely need to look for all those things you have listed - performance, redundancy, support, capacity, and the applications that come with it for management.

          However, exactly WHAT you need to be looking for, well, it depends.

          However, since you seem to want a definitive answer:

          You want something that's going to provide a minimum of 100 IOPS,
          with a minimum capacity of at least 1GB,
          you want redundant storage processors on the trays
          you want , redundant switches,
          you want and redundant HBAs,
          you need to be able to configure redundant paths (thus also you want MPIO drivers)
          you want support of an appropriate level for your business continuity needs.

          You want software that you can use relatively easily to manage the arrays (in your case, it probably needs to be so simple a dead person could do it)

          in terms of AV, you want the vendor to preload firmware based Antivirus software from Symantec on each individual disk within the array - anything less, you're just risking the security of your data. Plus, once you put the AV on the disk firmware, you don't need it on the operating system.

          you might pay a little bit more, but it's probably worth trying to find a SAN That will allow you to replicate all the AD authentication information into a SQL database, that's stored in the RAM of the array.

          While we're talking about RAM, make sure your SPAs all have at least 4GB of RAM, and your HBAs should have no more than 32MB - it's better to offload the processing to the array, you see.

          snapshots are usually only limited by the amount of disk space you require, so make sure you get sufficient snapshot capacity of at least (UsedSpace * 15)
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            Re: king of storage for vm

            As was said here above - there is no best storage or one size fits all. Each storage has its pluses and minuses - you will need to fit the storage to your specific needs.

            True EMC and NetApp are more expensive - but you get what you pay for.
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              Re: king of storage for vm

              My recommodation is to hire a storage consultant.
              I agree with TehCamel and Maish. EMC and NetApp are IMHO state of the art. I'm not very fond of HP, but that's more a personal thingie I think.

              Both delivers great products.
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                Re: king of storage for vm

                thanks all for reply

                i think my need on storgae will be only as backup

                due to budget, i considering
                using backup exec 2010 continuous protection server
                with storgae like hp

                any comment about this?



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                  Re: king of storage for vm

                  I think I'd be concerned about what happens if my backup storage array fails, so I'd probably want to buy TWO of those storage arrays.
                  At a minimum
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