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ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

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  • ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

    SMBIOS - is there a way to change the serial of the machine so it comes in as a friendly name and not an ugly mac address?

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    Re: ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

    well.. not reall.. because then it's not the serial any more, is it
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      Re: ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

      Perhaps you dont understand the question rather than me thinking your just arrogant (o;

      Ive basically an automated build script which queries the smbios "Serial" and its falling over due to the length of the mac and the unstandard _

      I noticed there is a "configuration properties" tab where i can add rows etc is there a list anywhere what customisations is available here.


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        Re: ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

        The UUID is a 128-bit integer. The 16 bytes of this value are separated by spaces, except for a dash between the eighth and ninth hexadecimal pairs.
        A sample UUID looks like this:
        56 4d ef 2d 3f d4 14 e2-2e 04 c5 34 3a ec ee 65
        You can change it to anything you want (within the guidlines above), but I'm not sure why you would want to unless you are trying to get around a software activation of some type.

        Perhaps you should post your code and we can try to assist you write your statement to work with a "-" code.



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          Re: ESX i 4.1 - Smbios

          No nothing to do with activation I am trying to emulate a PXE software build process which is being used in our enterprise (HP KIT).

          And basically the machine comes in as serial czc54555 and it reads the machine details and queries sql to decide if its a notebook/server/workstation.

          And then designates a "d" if desktop I could change the script to facilitate VM uuid but thats breaking away from just testing OS Builds within a VM environment.

          And the problem is the large nature of the uuid 56 4d ef 2d 3f d4 14 e2-2e 04 c5 34 3a ec ee 65

          Makes more than just one script to fall over a lot of the supporting infra will need to be changed just to support VM and that to me is sledgehammer to a small nut

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