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Vcenter vm console black

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  • Vcenter vm console black

    I am running vsphere 4.1 and vcenter. I have a windows 2008 R2 machine which was working fine.

    In the last couple of days if i login to vcenter and try and view the machine via the console the screen is black. If I restart the machine I can see the Microsoft corp bar with the loading sign. It then disappears and I can see nothing but the mouse cursor.

    If I RDPed to the server I can successfully connect but again I get nothing but a black screen and the mouse cursor (which i can move).

    I can ping the machine and access it network shares fine so it seems to be purely a display problem.

    I'm not sure how to even start to trouble shoot this. Any ideas? I have tried increasing the virtual video card memory with no success.

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    Re: Vcenter vm console black

    Do you have VMware tools installed???


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      Re: Vcenter vm console black

      Can you ping the server by DNS name from both your machine and the vCenter server?
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        Re: Vcenter vm console black

        Thanks for the replies.

        Yes, I have vmware tools installed, and I can ping the machine from both my machine and the vCenter server. I can even access files via unc paths. So the machine looks to be up. The machine in question is being used for remoteapps so it a bit of a show stopper.

        I've also just setup another machine from scratch, patched it to SP1 and a few hours later I have the exact same issue. If I RDP I get a black screen, shortly if i connect via the console it also goes black. I can restore ealier versions of the vm from backup and they will happy work for 3 or 4 days and then the black screen issue recurs.


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          Re: Vcenter vm console black

          I've done a bit more digging and experimentation and I don't think the black screen is related to VMware.

          I have managed to replicate the black screen on a physical machine by just installing windows 2008 R2 64bit and patching it with service packs. The machine was fine for a few days and then I got the same black screen via RDP and at the console. Rebooting doesn't fix it etc.

          Thanks for ppls help anyway.


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            Re: Vcenter vm console black

            I had similar issues with 2008R2 and a high spec graphics driver (laptop used for training) but only when the HyperV role was installed. Solutions were to remove HyperV, revert to "standard VGA driver" or install SP1 (then at RC stage). As I needed to use VMs and the external VGA port, SP1 solved it.

            Dont know how related your issue is, but my reading at the time suggested it was to do with any hypervisor layer, not just HV.
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              Re: Vcenter vm console black

              I experienced a similar problem on Windows Server 2003. You might take a look at Microsoft article 906510 and see if it helps. Since this is my first post I cannot post an URL as yet.