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Tie VM to a Single Server

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  • Tie VM to a Single Server

    Is there anyway to tie a VM to a single server?

    Here's what I'm trying to do....

    We have an application that currently runs in VMWare, but as time goes on and this application grows, the amount of resources it uses is just about unbearable. We have had to set limits on CPU to keep it from running away with all CPU resources on the box. The application is so important to our environment, it would take months of testing on a physical installation to get everything functional, something we just don't have the time to do.

    My idea was to build a dedicated VM host in my cluster for this VM that would only house this VM and I could give it any amount of resources I wished. Then if that VM host failed it would fail over to the other servers in my cluster temporarily.

    On the flipside of that, I do not want other VMs being VMotioned to this server either, I want only this resources intensive application on the server and nothing else.

    I do have DRS enabled on my cluster and it's set to fully automated. This works fine, which I think could be a problem at the end of the day when trying to segment this one server by it's lonesome.

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Tie VM to a Single Server

    So long as you are using vCenter Server 4.1, you can create rules on your cluster to make this happen the way that you want.

    Create 4 groups:
    - VM group that contains your application VM
    - VM group that contains all the other VMs in the cluster
    - Host group that contains the host you want your app VM to run on
    - Host group that contains all the other hosts in the cluster

    You need to decide whether to use "must" or "should" rules, they do affect how HA works in a failover situation, so I'd suggest to use "should" rules.

    More information here:

    You can leave your DRS at Fully Automated too, once you've created the rules for the groups.

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      Re: Tie VM to a Single Server

      Great Scott! That's exactly what I was looking for.

      We are still on 4.0, but have a 4.1 migration in the next few weeks on VCenter, which will be before the new server arrives and is staged.

      Thanks for the help.
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