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Moving from Workstation 7 to a Mac running fusion? confused..please help

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  • Moving from Workstation 7 to a Mac running fusion? confused..please help

    Dear All

    I am currently using VMware workstation 7.1 and have tons of VM's created ranging from Linux desktops/servers and windows servers and a windows 7 desktop. Purely used for training purposes and testing things before I roll into production.

    My PC is starting to struggle and I have decided that I want to replace it with a Macbook Pro in the future but am worried about all the VM's I have created in Workstation 7.1, I have also created teams and unsure whether this will all work seamlessly in fusion.

    From reading other posts and papers on the Internet it seems like fusion isnt as comprehensive as workstation, I also tested the 30 day trial of fusion on a friends Mac book and because I had all my VM's on an external e-sata hard drive I did run into a few problems. I don't think the Mac book pro has connectivity for e-sata or even a pcmcia slot so I could have an e-sata solution. If i wrong about this please someone state this. I would be looking at a fairly new mac book pro, the one with the aluminum casing...

    Looking on the Internet there are lots of usb to esata cable solutions which I could buy if I brought a mac. question is are they any good? is anyone using this type of setup? does it work well? will I be creating a bottle neck using this cable? am i better of using usb rather than esata?. For the purposes of work I do I need to have teams as I am usually testing things between servers and clients and create them so they are on the same network subnet as well as domain configuration.

    Would I also be able to port my existing 7.1 workstation vm's into the latest version of fusion? I tried a few and ran into problems like it couldn't work because some of the VMs were configured as part of a team. I also got read only messages because the external disk was setup to be as an NTFS drive and macs don't like that as they use a different filing system.

    The way I tried it was having Mac osx installed with fusion. Would I have more success if I installed boot camp so windows and Macosx are completely separate? will i be able to easily port my setup if I setup windows 7 on a separate partition on the Mac using boot camp or parallels? would that be a better option? I am worried about the whole usb to esata as performance is really important for me. so any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Moving from Workstation 7 to a Mac running fusion? confused..please help

    First question i have i why do you think a Macbook Pro will perform any better than a new PC laptop.


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      Re: Moving from Workstation 7 to a Mac running fusion? confused..please help

      I dont think I said that a Mac book pro would perform better than any PC. I have just decided that I would like to follow the Mac route as I would like to get some exposure to Mac OSX and theres no better way than actually owning one and it means I can run Mac, Windows and Linux and I wouldnt be able to run Mac OSX on a PC legally anyway......

      i am also a fan of movie editing and really want to learn how to use Final cut which is only available on Mac.