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Snapshot on production server

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  • Snapshot on production server

    Hello team,

    I understand that snapshot is allowing us to take a system state on the vm at a certain point.
    can someone explainning to me how does snapshot is working and when should we use it and when we should not? especially on production environments?
    and if we want to applied that snapshot to the server perminantly? how does that work how to do I apply that?


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    Re: Snapshot on production server

    My understanding of snapshots is that the when you take one the vmware system takes a point in time picture of how the system was at that moment.

    I only take a snapshot of a production server when i'm doing anythjing that could potentially crash a server, i.e. applying critical updates, software installation, etc, etc...

    A couple of websites that may help


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      Re: Snapshot on production server

      A snapshot is essentially a "saved state" of the VM, and normally includes the state of all a VMs disks at the point in time the snapshot is taken - snapshots can optionally include the VMs memory.

      They can be used safely on production VMs, but bear in mind that they are no substitute for backups - I consider them to be an "inbetween backups" technology.

      Snapshots will always consume disk space within the datastore that contains your VMs config files, the memory snapshot causes a .vmsn file to be created that by default is slightly larger than the VMs memory size, a disk snapshot causes the creation of a delta.vmdk file that will continue to grow in size once the snapshot has been taken.

      The really key part to snapshots is simple - delete them when you don't need them any more!!!! When you delete a snapshot in the Snapshot Manager the .vmsn file is deleted, and the delta.vmdk file content is merged back into the original flat.vmdk file - you are not deleting the changes that got made to the VM since the snapshot was taken - you are deleting your ability to set the VM back to the state it was in when the snapshot was taken.

      I hope that all makes sense...

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